Mike McMahon Pilot and Past CFI at Skyhaven passed away at Wentworth-Douglas Hospital Tuesday, January 9, 2018
1-29-18: The pilot community around Skyhaven Airport offers our deepest sympathies to the family of Mike McMahon. Mike earned his pilot license and ratings at Ossipee Valley Aviation here at Skyhaven and received his instrument rating in 2003. He also became a very active instructor with Ossipee Valley Aviation and later with Rochester Aviation. He also spent some time with Southern Maine Aviation. One night I went to Southern Maine Aviation for a night check ride in one of their Skyhawks and the instructor was Mike McMahon. At the time, there was no FBO at Skyhaven. His love of aviation also brought him to the Collings Foundation where he travelled the country in a WWII aircraft as a co-pilot. 
In tribute to Mike, here's a few articles from the past from the Ossipee Valley Aviation & Skyhaven Airport website. Goodbye Mike...

Mike Does It Again! ~ Mar. 7, 04 - I recently read an article about a person who wrote about their experience they had when they took a ride in the only existing B-24 WWII aircraft still flying. Well, check out this picture of our very own Mike McMahon sitting in the copilots seat of "the only B-24 WWII aircraft still flying". (I wonder how long it took for that grin to wear off!) CLICK HERE MORE MORE PICTURES
More Alton Bay Ice Airport ~Jan 30, 05 - Click here to see Alton Bay Ice Airport on FinalWhat a beautiful day to go flying, I said. Hey, why don't you tryout the ice airport at Alton Bay Tony (OVA)  said. Mike said I'll go with you! How could I say no. Here's my chance to land at a sea plane airport with wheels. At least that how it shows up  on my sectional. Check it out it's B18 on the sectional chart. While we were there, we met up with Tony (another Tony) and his Cessna 170 that's been beautifully restore by Tony with I'm sure many hours of dedicated work. I'll be posting more pictures showing some of Tony's 170 and the Ice airport. In this picture, we're on final for 01, taken by my copilot Mike.
ON THE ICE! ~ Feb. 3, 05 - Every flight is a new experience, and landing on the ice at Alton Bay on Lake Winnapasaukee adds another dimension. Who knows, you might see a beautifully restored Cessna 170. Here's Mike talking with Tony while I take a few pictures of this sharp looking aircraft. In one of the pictures the white dot is actually a snow machine coming down the bay. That's Tony coming in on final. Incidentally, he did a 3 point landing and I think he used 300 feet or maybe less. At any rate, it wasn't very much.

Student Pilot Evening Classes! ~ Dec. 7,  05 - Student Pilot evening classes are in full swing at Ossipee Valley Aviation. Mike McMahon and his students are shown here during an evening class. Here, the students get a chance to interact with fellow student pilots. 

Congratulations to Mike McMahon (again)! ~Feb 11, 06 - Mike tells me that he just received his instructors rating. "I can't believe it, I'm a CFI!" Just a few years ago, Mike was standing on the ramp waiting for his first flight lesson from Ossipee Valley Aviation. With a lot of hard work and persistence, Mike has pushed through all the obstacles and achieved many of his goals. Wondering if you'd like to take flight lessons? No problem, come on down and I'm sure Mike would like to help you out. Congratulations to Mike in his amazing journey to getting his CFI and good luck with his flying accomplishments.
Pic's from Mike McMahon ~ April  5, 06 - Click here to enlargeOk, flying is supposed to be fun but some people seem to be able to go beyond fun... how about aerobatic positive and negative G's in an L-39. That ought to do it! What's next on Mike's menu of aircraft experiences... maybe a by-plane? Stay tuned...
My First Solo Flight ~ July 26, 06 - From time to time you've noticed  postings on our student pilots first solo flight. But what really goes on at that event? Well our CFI's have banded together and provided some great photos, taken by our CFI Boris, of two of our recent solo flights. Kim Chisholm and Bob Howard are featured in this depiction of "A Student Pilot's First Solo" presentation. Flying is serious business, but it's also a lot of fun. Judging by the looks on our students and CFI's faces it was definitely a memorable occasion. So, to see first hand and share that solo experience, click on Kim and CFI Mike McMahon and Bob Howard and CFI Bill Perry.
Bombs Away...  Nov 14, 06 -Here's more orange stuff from the pumpkin patch. In addition to raising money and food for charity at the Pumpkin Bombing Contest,CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS FROM MIKE it looks like everyone had a good time. Included in this article are some artifacts of the great event, not to mention some pics of an L-39. Maybe one of these three happy pilots can tel us who was flying the L-39. (Click on the three pilots to see some pics from Mike)
Flying a B-17  ~ Sept 23, 06 - Here's some pics sent in by Mike McMahon of him

flying the Collings Foundation B-17. There's a bunch of organizations around the country that are dedicated on preserving some of our WWII aircraft and the Collings Foundation has some eye openers. According to Mike, the "Wings Of Freedom" tour will be at Pease Int. Trade port Monday 9/25  to Wednesday 9/27 at Port City Air. Click HERE to see the "Wings Of Freedom" tour when they landed here at Skyhaven.