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TRUMP TFR ALERT   7-11-17: 
EAA 225 Meeting Tuesday, July 11:  7-10-17: It’s finally here,  the month of AirVenture. The great news is that we’ll have at least 4 of our members attending this year.  Drew Gillett and Peter Bruckner are flying out it Drew’s flying club Cherokee. The meeting is on our normal meeting night of Tuesday, July 11th.  BBQ starting at 6PM with the meeting to follow at 7PM.  I will try to have the Waco on display on the ramp.   ...MORE
M.I.T. CHOOSES GAS OVER SOLAR FOR DRONE  7-9-17:  A team of MIT engineers launched Jungle Hawk Owl from the back of a compact car at Plum Island airport in Newburyport Mass. It was the first flight for the 24-foot-wide drone, which the team believes is capable of staying in the air for five days on a single tank of gas. The U.S. Air Force needed a low cost drone to stay aloft for long periods of time. As it turned out, after doing all the calculations, they determined that a gas engine would be better than solar power.
AVIATION NEWS & FINLETS   7-6-17:  So I'm sitting in the office wating for my AME to renew my aviation medical reading an article in Aviation News about a company that is using Computational Fluid Dynamics to study the airflow on aircraft surfaces including the body and engine cowlings. The computer program uses complex mathematical equations to determine where the airflow will go and how it affects drag. Recommendations from this company on military aircraft have determined that it will save about 1% in fuel cost. So if you see any Boeing 737's with "finlets" all over the tail section of the plane it means they're saving 1% in fuel cost. Maybe the Ford Trimotor was on to something...
Trump Weekend TFR's NJ & NY MORRISTOWN/BEDMINSTER, NJ BEGINNING FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017 6-29-17: NOTAMs have been published (FDC 7/1865, FDC 7/1866, FDC 7/1867, FDC 7/1868, FDC 7/1870, FDC 7/1883, FDC 7/1884, FDC 7/1885, FDC 7/1886, FDC 7/1887, FDC 7/1888, and FDC 7/1892) that will affect flight in the area during President Trump's planned visit. 
ADS-B For Skyhawks and Cherokees  6-26-17:  Garmin claims to have the answer for upgrading the large base of Cessna 172's and Piper single engine economy grade planes out there that are currently equiped with vintage radio stacks with cranking knobs and microphones that were actually used before the day that headsets became mandatory standard equipment. The new solution is the GTX 345 mode S transponder. It not only provides you with the mandatory ADS-B out, but also the ADS-B in and also has XM satellite weather. This new information appears in the form of new pages in your Garmin 430w gps radio... that is if you have one. To get up-to-date, here's a couple of PDF files. One about the Addendum to the Garmin 430 and the other is for the GTX 345. Click on the pictures to download.