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See the MagnifiSENT Sky Divers Sunday!

A shout out to the amazing lady skydivers. We can’t wait to see these incredible humans sky diving at Skyhaven Airport Sunday!

About the MagnifiSENT:

This is a group of women with the common interest of skydiving. All  of them met in the sport throughout 2020. However their story began August 7th of 2020 at the Point Break Boogie Skydive Coastal Carolinas. They were invited to set an all female head up state record.  There, they fell in love with working together for a common goal and the connection that was built in the process.
Back home in Florida, they started putting together a plan to break the FL 4-way and US national 5-way record at Skydive City! They expanded from 8 amazing humans to 12 and after nailing those records. Today, they continue to travel the country, building their skill levels together, making new connections, and obtaining new goals!
The idea of reaching out to local women at their home dropzones and getting not only experienced flyers but newer jumpers that we feel confident in involved is a large part of our goal to keep growing and expanding our reach – as well as motivating other women to get together to set and break records as well!
If that is the kind of positivity you like to see in the world, if you like what we are doing and want to see more, give us a follow and see where this endeavor takes us!


Tag Archive for: magnifisent

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