The “MagnifiSENT” ladies!

…on a mission!

On Sunday morning, June 20th, 2021 Skyhaven airport was descended upon by six brightly colored parachutes.  Joining up above Rochester, NH at a height of 14,500 feet, six souls plummeted toward the earth. At about three thousand feet they pulled their chutes and gracefully glided down to land at the Skyhaven Airport; and just like that, a new record was set and another state was conquered.


They call themselves, “MagnifiSENT” and this group of energetic young ladies are on a mission. Traveling from state to state, setting world records, sharing the exciting sport of Skydiving and inspiring a new generation of women to join the sport.

Just the day before they broke the record for the largest group of women skydivers to land in the State of Maine, and as their feet triumphantly alighted upon the grass of Skyhaven Airport in Rochester, NH they became the largest group of lady formation skydivers to land in the State of New Hampshire as well.

Ultimately, the group plans to be the first group of women to skydive into all 50 states. Well on their way, they plan to jump into New York State, with a jump into a drop zone near Niagara Falls in the next couple days.

You can follow MagnifiSENT’s progress at: #wearemagnifisent

Thank you to our friends at T-Aviation for supplying refreshments and opening up their aircraft maintenance hangar for the re-packing of parachutes.